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Magic Of The Night

Her Mother tucks her in to sleep and whispers
in her ear remember the deeper the breath you
take before you sleep the more magical your dreams
will be. With a good night kiss she drifts off
to sleep wondering what joy the night will

She feels a warm nose brushing against her
face. Wake up sleepy head, is time to play.
She opens her eyes to find a golden winged
horse beside her. She had never seen
any like him. Entwined in his mane were
purple daisies and ruby red roses.
He kneels down so she can climb upon his
back and off they fly to find the magic
of the night.

As they fly she looks down to see
a world that only exsited in her dreams
Colours so bright and where animals
spoke to her. Her new friend
gracefully lands in a field of clover

Where is everyone? she asks.
And no sooner then the words
leave her mouth then a magestic
white wolf comes from a behind
a daisy bush. His fur glowing
in the sunlight. Behind him is his
silver mate and their cubs.
She has never before seen
a wolf so large and she hides
behind the golden one's mane.
Little one do not fear me
I am your friend I was told
by the winds that you would
be joining us here this day and I
came to greet you.

Before she knew it she was on
the ground surrounded by his cubs
All the cubs were eager to greet her.
she nestled down among the cubs to
wait for the others to join them.

She hadn't noticed that she was below
a beautiful tree till he reached
down to gently cover her with one
of his leaves. He asks her if she is
comfortable. She gives him a shy smile.
Then she sees a Fairy and a Pixie sitting
side by side in his branches. The two
giggling with joy to be so truly loved
and protected by the tree.

Then she heard a warm voice singing
This voice was the tree calling out
the others to come dance as the moon
rose. Jumping into the center of the
group was a orange cat holding a
fiddle as soon as he landed he began
to play.

Where before were only a few
now were many. Dancing in the moon
light to the fiddle music. Her eyes widened
as she saw a lepracan dancing with the
Pixie and the White Wolf with the

Sing for us Tree the cat called to the
tree, as he starts playing. The Tree
lifts his voice in song and all stop to
listen. He sings of a cinnimon sky
and love. Before she knew it a single
tear was slowly flowing down her check.
As the tree finishes his song was not a
dry eye to be had and all bowed in awed

The Pixie and the Fairy grab her hands
and take her to join the dancing. Laughter
echoed in the glenn and all were having
the most wonderful time. She hears
someone clear his throat, and says
is time for a story. This call comes
from a small frog sitting high up
on a rock not far from her.

My story is of fair madiens
and of brave knights from long
ago. She weaves a story of dragons
and castles. Where maidens were
rescued by knights in white amour.

An Elf in a bright yellow coat brings
her tea in a buttercup flower to sip.
She tries to hide a yawn as she
nestles amoung the cubs and starts
to drift off to sleep. It is almost daylight
the Tree reminds the Golden Horse.
Best get her home before morn.

Many hands lift the sleeping child onto his
back and with a puff of giltering stars they
are off again returning to her world.
Just in time for her Mother to come
awaken her for the day.

Oh Mommy I took a deep breath
and made so many friends last night
Her mother is pleased she had a sweet
dream. But the little girl knows it really
happened as she finishes off her
tea in the buttercup flower.

Remember the deeper the breath
the more magical the dream
will be.

(c) BluesWolf Aka J.C. Stewart

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