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 Summer Kisses Winter Tears Misc 8/8/2019
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 Mahta Misc 10/21/2016
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Summer Kisses Winter Tears

We have had summer after summer of shared kisses and our love
Got us through many winter tears.

A while ago, through winter tears, I asked the Lord to let me
Keep you through more summer kisses, but the Lord will
Soon call you home.

This summer will be the last to share summer kisses and I'll
have no one to share my winter tears.

But I'll still love you just the same and you will always be in
My thoughts and forever in my heart through summer
Memories and winter tears.

My soul mate, of sixty one years, I love you more than
All our summer kisses and winter tears and I know, if
You could, you would send a rose for each tear.


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