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 Three Times Misc 7/31/2013
 Madness Misc 7/30/2013
 My Best Life Insight 7/27/2013
 Smile Misc 7/26/2013
 Dream Reality Love 7/25/2013
 Cracked Mirror Misc 7/24/2013
 Try - Free Will Inspirational Poems 7/24/2013
 A Wizard Walks Ballad 7/23/2013
 Rise, Create Inspirational Poems 7/23/2013
 Value Insight 7/19/2013
 Yester-year Insight 7/18/2013
 Repetitions Current Events 7/17/2013
 Goodbye Atlast Misc 7/16/2013
 Your Song Insight 7/16/2013
 Freedom’s Call Current Events 7/15/2013
 About You Love 7/14/2013
 Who will morn us when we’re gone? Friends 7/13/2013
 If I could write a Love Song Love 7/12/2013
 An Old Friend Current Events 7/11/2013
 War of Awakening World Events 7/10/2013
 Dreams Misc 7/8/2013
 Reflection in my mirror Insight 7/8/2013
 Solution Humorous Poems 7/6/2013
 Doors Insight 7/4/2013
 To the Broken Hearted Grieving and Loss 7/4/2013
 Freedom Struggles Misc 7/4/2013
 Cowboys Cowboy Poems 7/3/2013
 Profit's Promise Insight 7/3/2013
 Healings Misc 7/2/2013
 Living Questions Insight 6/30/2013
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Three Times

Blank before Birth
Youth forgotten by adult desires
Blank from Choosing
Made or unmade, useless chances taken
Blank after Death
Foolishness of fears now in the past

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