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 A cocooned me .. without YOU Dark Poetry 3/14/2016
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  Escape.  Current Events 3/14/2016
 The dream Inspirational Poems 3/14/2016
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 The hanging shadows of life and death. Dark Poetry 5/14/2015
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 I have watched from behind  Dark Poetry 5/14/2015
 Child Of War Current Events 5/14/2015
 That Look Love 4/3/2015
 In the heart of the child Current Events 4/3/2015
 Even when you are far a way Love 4/3/2015
 Enjoy Love 4/3/2015
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A cocooned me .. without YOU

Stuck in a cocoon of endless pain
Life flowing upstreaming
Pushing me cruelly
to the edge of vain

The pain is draining
But I can’t complain
Except for myself
I find no one to blame

Learning how to cope
I mastered the art of masks
No one can read my face
No one can see into my brain

I have no shoulders to cry on
Except you … my better half heart
My soul mate, the one who prays
For my happiness, always sharing my bane

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