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 Disfiugred Thoughts Dark Poetry 4/15/2014
 Broken Dark Poetry 4/11/2014
 It's Over Grieving and Loss 3/17/2014
 Alone in the village Love 11/14/2013
 Your second smiling poem. Song Lyrics 10/18/2013
  She Smiles Love 10/15/2013
 Places and faces and....,.... Misc 9/24/2013
 Box Mover Spiritual Poems 9/24/2013
 Thank you... for being you Love 9/17/2011
  She's Got Misc 12/20/2010
 Let Me Love 12/20/2010
 Your tears in my eyes Love 12/17/2010
 About Sufism Short Stories 9/2/2010
 The unspoken love Dark Poetry 5/15/2010
 What difference does it make !!!! Dark Poetry 9/23/2009
 For a real dear friend Friends 6/19/2008
 Eternal Love 6/18/2008
 Eternal Misc 6/18/2008
 3.15 Misc 6/18/2008
 Our Dreams Love 6/17/2008
 You Inspirational Poems 6/15/2008
 stranger Grieving and Loss 6/15/2008
 short poem Misc 6/14/2008
 If Happiness can talk Friends 10/6/2007
 may all your dreams come true Love 10/6/2007
 Heart switch Fantasy Poems 10/6/2007
 For Mrs unreached.wherever you've gone 2 Love 10/6/2007
  A background scene (Violence3.Mental V) Dark Poetry 2/3/2007
 Knocking (Violence 2) Dark Poetry 1/30/2007
 Fears...and Fears Dark Poetry 11/25/2006
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Disfiugred Thoughts

Confused memories..
Stacked randomly ..
Bale shadows ..
Stuffed butterflies..
Dead dry flowers
Nothing still in order..
No colors..
Even the sky..
Though it still ..
dressed in blue..
Nothing look the same
Except for..
your beautiful sad smile
That I can always touch
With our passing by HELLO..
It is so strange ..
how can i recall
Every single line .
In our very short romance
Since 1974..
It is so strange..
How can I recall ..
Our silent walks..
Our long talks..
The gentle touch..
The sad look ..
in our both eyes..
that sweetest painful trance
still strange..
How we met ..
How we left ..
Then how ( I ) lived ..
Sadly ever after
In two different worlds
Two dead cocoons..
Till we reached ..
The unknown end

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