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Behind the wall

On behind the wall
I laid down my dreams
My thoughts
And my fears
I passed myself
To the other side of the wall
While I'm losing control
Then my dream woke me
A moment before the fall
What a fall
On blues tunes of reality
That plays my dream as a nightmare
Hiding behind the wall
A living nightmare
That shadows my breath
My heart beats
And suck my tortured sad soul
The nightmare of violence
The nightmare of war
All that and more .. much more
Hidden so carefully ..on
Behind the wall.
Behind the wall
Where I burnt the rest of me
My disfigured memories
My forgotten childhood
Childhood ?..
Have I ever got one?
Who cares
Even if I haven't lived it , at all
And the embryos in the mother's womb
Are terrified ..praying not to be delivered
Not to be born all
Cause they know
That in the time of war
They will all be born dead
Back there ..behind the wall.
And still that and more ..
Much more
On behind the wall
Corrupted policy and politicians
Deaf and blind people ..
Those dead hearts and souls
And that living nightmare
Still taking control ..
Hosting the devil ..while
The war still hiding
Behind every closed door
Still this and more ..much more
And still Bereaved mothers
Wondering desperately
Can Those with hearts dead
stop the war?
Can those with hearts dead
Break the wall?..
cambridge _train
Mandour Saleh Hikel


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