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 When we love Love 8/23/2014
 Love is peace.. Peace is God God is lov Misc 8/21/2014
 Since 1974 Love 8/18/2014
 TO ALL MY DEAR FRIENDS.. Misc 8/3/2014
 Gaza .. Song of death Dark Poetry 7/31/2014
 Prayers of Evil Dark Poetry 7/26/2014
 By , For , With...You Love 7/22/2014
 Let me Love 7/21/2014
 In The Night (2) Dark Poetry 7/19/2014
 Because I love you Love 7/19/2014
 Olive Peace Tree , Dark Poetry 7/17/2014
 The nightmare of shame Dark Poetry 7/13/2014
 Where are you.........? Love 7/10/2014
 The Impossible Dreams Love 7/10/2014
 Ransom Of Love Love 7/9/2014
 Children of the war, Dark Poetry 7/4/2014
 The last recited poem from THE UNKNOWN Dark Poetry 7/1/2014
 The Diary of a Dead Iraqi Child. Dark Poetry 6/26/2014
 Eternal Misc 6/15/2014
 From the child in me..and you Misc 6/13/2014
 Where are you.........? Dark Poetry 6/13/2014
 GRAVE YARD (revised) Misc 6/13/2014
 Dark red oil..Dark black blood Misc 6/7/2014
 Dear all dear men.. Love 5/31/2014
  I looked up the stars (2) Dark Poetry 5/13/2014
 The Inners Spiritual Poems 5/13/2014
 Disfiugred Thoughts Dark Poetry 4/15/2014
 Broken Dark Poetry 4/11/2014
 It's Over Grieving and Loss 3/17/2014
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When we love

I's only When we love ,,
The sky turns happier,
The stars get closer
The moon gets brighter
Darkness hide away
And our life turns cozier

When we love

The smiles get wider
The rivers get clearer ..
The trees get greener
The birds fly higher
And our hearts get younger

When we love
We find someone to share..
The look..that says , ' I Care '
A heart that feels yours' beats
And for you ..
will always be there.
Yes ..only when we love
Life becomes ALIVE , …again

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