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 I said it with my eyes , heart and soul I Love You 10/29/2015
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 I am in the middle of nowhere  Fantasy Poems 1/24/2015
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I said it with my eyes , heart and soul

I said it with my heart
Cause the shy me
Didn't know how to say
' I love you '
The shy me
Didn't know how to start.

I said it with my eyes
When they touched her childish smile
That is dressed in a look
That look
That can write me
A verse in her poem
Or read me an open book.

I said it with my soul.
When she flew me swiftly
Deep inside her heart
And high in her sky.
Happily like a bird
Who's just learnt how to sing
Who's just learnt how to fly.

I said it with my eyes
I said it with my heart
I said it with my soul
Now I have nothing to do
But dreaming of a big YESSSSS
Mandour Saleh Hikel

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