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 Opening Doors Inspirational Poems 1/15/2019
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 Smile at the Birdie Humorous Poems 10/31/2018
 Indeed Inspirational Poems 10/29/2018
 As Eucalypt or Pine Inspirational Poems 10/29/2018
 My Goal Inspirational Poems 10/29/2018

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Opening Doors

THE door, tested, is locked but don't despair.
KEYS are available and freely giv'n.
TO those seeking the Lord we gladly share,
PATIENCEcomes not soon yet we're forgiven.
ARE you not a child of God the Father?
ACCEPTANCE then is thou at peace.
AND when before His crystal throne we gather,
FAITH declared yields blessings and release.

Quote: Ralph Marston

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