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 Over come the Battles inside.  The Pain of Love 9/19/2019
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 once upon a time Misc 5/22/2012

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Over come the Battles inside.

Sometimes it can be hard to let go of the ones,
That you care about, but if they care about you ,
Then they would make time to get to know ,
You instead of letting you go, they will make,
Time to talk and get to know everything about
You even when you have a wall around you and
You’re hart is feeling up with flames that won’t go
Away but, if you just try to hold on to the flames and
Fire you can always overcome the Burning flames inside
Because you are going to be alright and someone will
Fine you and help you to go on even when
It feels like that Burning inside but instead you will
See it seems to come From your heart and you Will
Able to move on from the Burning inside your heart,
Because you kept holding on to the only thing keeping you
From falling apart was to keep on trying to cry
But sometimes it feels hard to cry for those who
Have hurt you but if they hurt you then just keep
On trying to go on because everything else Is going
Fall in place and you’re heart will no longer be in flames
Of fire instead it will be of soft inside again because
You kept on trying hard to go on and you overcome
The Battles inside your heart.

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