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 Untitled 2 summer 2009 Life 6/16/2010
 Untitled summer 2009 Life 6/16/2010
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 train to grand rapids Life 7/14/2009
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Untitled 2 summer 2009

= If only the moments were my lifetime
and my lifetime the moments=

I’m beautifully f'd up
I lay belly down
       in the tub
I flip
look up
at the clothes hanging
       from the shower curtain rod
the bright ball lights dimmed

there is beauty in this

Beauty I’ve seen before
when the clothes have hung on the line
in my French room.

A cardinal visits.
A friend I never met sent me a photo
       an African Ibis.
My father’s watching a Cardinal’s game.

My mother is here
she has deposited her spirit
in my weary father
the wrongs have been made right.

More tests
More stress
Men with no jobs
Microcalcifications on my mammogram

My lover says “Biopsy! Wahoo!”
Yeah, that’s his response.
As he rattles on whining,
       “You no love me”
       “You give me no time”

F you
       You pathetic s o b

I cope alone.
Live alone.
Chew on my bitterness
       as my sister sweeps through town.

I float alone.
Drink alone.

Rub by bloated belly
and hear the voices of all those
who have told me how soft I am.
Yeah, I’m soft.
       soft skin
       soft interior

I watched Bukowski - Born Into This
and think….

How f'd up am I?

How beautiful my paintings are
How talented I am
How I might just rot away
if I don’t work less
       and write more.

I have waltzed with the grim reaper
I engaged him with psychic foreplay
and then…kicked his ass!

I’m here. I’m still here.

Gazing at the beauty of clean laundry.
Feeding the injured squirrel.

But I don’t know how long
I can get away with my trick.

I’ve got to do something
I come undone.

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