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 God thinks of Me Spiritual Poems 9/30/2002
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All Because You Love Me.

I think of YOU and I can see,
All of the things YOU'VE you done for me.
You filled me up with Grace divine,
YOU reached with in this heart of mine.

You picked me up from all from all my pain,
You gave me joy, and a new name!
It's all because you love me.

I felt alone and so afraid,
You came to save and take away,
All of the fears I had inside,
You washed away my foolish pride.

You healed my wounded spirit ,too.
I have it all because of you,
It's all because you love me.

You lift me up when I am weak,
You pray for me when I cant speak,
And all the truth YOU make me see,
You make whats true, inside of me.

All the wrongs ,that you made right.
You turned my darkness into light.
It's all because you love me.

Now I can I sing of only You,
For all the things that you can do,
For helping me when I was bad,
And loving me when I was sad.

You came and granted me my dreams,
You gave it all yes everything!
It's all because you love me.

Just like a shipwreck by the sea,
I was a shameful plight to be.
OH! Jesus took this heart of mine,
And fill me with His Grace divine.

Now I will sing forever more,
And on that happy golden shore
Ill be everything that I am ..because He loved me.

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