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 delete Spiritual Poems 8/7/2019
 delete Life 8/1/2019
 delete Love Gone Bad 8/1/2019
 delete I Love You 8/1/2019
 delete Dark Poetry 8/1/2019
 delete Life 8/1/2019
 delete Dedications 7/26/2019
 delete Dark Poetry 7/26/2019
 delete Fantasy Poems 7/26/2019
 delete Silly Poems 7/26/2019
 delete Humorous Poems 7/26/2019
 delete Life 7/26/2019
 delete Grieving and Loss 7/25/2019
 delete Dedications 7/25/2019
 delete Grieving and Loss 7/25/2019
 delete Life 7/25/2019
 delete Humorous Poems 7/24/2019
 delete Misc 7/24/2019
 delete Silly Poems 7/24/2019
 delete Silly Poems 7/24/2019
 delete Inspirational Poems 7/24/2019
 delete Misc 7/24/2019
 delete Grieving and Loss 7/22/2019
 delete Grieving and Loss 7/22/2019
 delete Silly Poems 7/22/2019
 delete Mature Audience 7/22/2019
 delete Grieving and Loss 7/22/2019
 delete Dark Poetry 7/22/2019
 delete The Pain of Love 5/25/2019
 delete Inspirational Poems 3/17/2019

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[after Revelation 22:16]

Saved by the Gospel I have read and heard;
redeemed by Christ's blood from all of my sin,
through saving Grace, elect and born again,
I pray Lord---always keep me turned Starward.

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