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Conscience Revelation

One may slaughter the scripture and manipulate word and phrase.
But the truth hibernates in the fire, and the flame burns deep in
philosophy. Aaronís rod stretched long and far, no such almonds do
blossoms bear, but a people born of manipulation walks steady for the
longest robe one wears.
Today the invisible staff brings forth and sprouts them from the helm.
Fools, Uncle Toms, glorified sheep, followers hanging on the edge of
every word a fair father names. Its sprouts are deadly weapons who
live the ruthless manís game.
A gift of jest, hidden beneath a perpetrators sleeve, no follower stands
aware. Words cut sharp, scarlet blades of steel, and what one shouts and
blatantly displays, only a fool would reveal. Abiotic becomes the soul
as true life has long since passed. While erection exists in the body of
flesh, oneís corpse returns to ash.

Snow driven heart, obstructed and brutalized, judgmental slurs forge
through. The coal skin you wear, no longer ought belong to you. Silk
and fine you walk in pin stripe suits but exclusion finds you still. No
place at the table where a fair father dines, thatís how much he thinks
of you.

Written by: Melvina Germain

(Note) This poem is published in my Kindle Book on and
the title of the book is (Conscious Revelation) A tell it like it is

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