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Hearts of Men

She sings within the hearts of men seductive melody
Tearing out their compassion, love, all is left is agony
She evokes them to cause pestilence digesting every soul
Wreaking havoc pon the pure of heart no more in own control
Sweet innocence is lacerated, the act of will lost now uninclined
Blood from righteous is now spilt as deaths parchment now is sighed
Gathered now the might of men she instructs them one by one
To reign terror to all the lambs of their only begotten son
With accurate speed the demons depart their actions so unfurled
Displaying mayhem devastation to the unbeknown world
Cries of mankind echo the earth from man, woman, son and daughter
Trying to seek shelter they call out where is he the son of man our Savior

Pon celestial realm he watches as his children are being slaughtered
He cries to His Father why let this terrible macabre go unanswered
You think me malicious you think me coldhearted, vile and vicious
To save them my son I need to be full of sorrow, misery and anguish
For only one thing that needs to be done is for me to shed one single tear
But it needs to be potent enough to bring all the suffering ones here
He watched with conviction til it felt like his heart was about to rupture
Then a single tear appeared in the corner of the eye of Loving Father
Single virtuous teardrop fell to earth as it did it washed all their sins away
Jesus rejoiced for he knew His Father had declared the judgment day
The mistress of darkness along with her minions were left pon desolate earth
And through grace of God all innocent ones were exulted with long awaited rebirth

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