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The Lost, The Loved

In a moment they were gone,
our hearts skipped a beat,
pausing, grasping for that moment.
The precious moment we never knew
we would not have again.
The hole in our hearts gapes, the tears flow...
Why? Why can't we have one more hour,
one more hug,
one more kiss.
Days go by, months pass and a day comes
our hearts still ache, the hole lessened by remembered moments,
cherished moments, moments of a life we shared.
Lessons learned, mistakes made
all worth it
every ounce of love poured into a lifetime.
A lifetime of memories
even when a tear falls in remembrance
there is joy in the love, the life remembered
The loss bittersweet,
the love remains with us
Always a part of them in our hearts.

This poem was written for all who have loved, lost and remember. The grief changes over time. You are not alone.

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