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 What Is Valuable Life 11/15/2019
 God's Grace Inspirational Poems 11/13/2019
 Technology Misc 11/13/2019
 A PLACE GOD HAS PREPARED FOR YOU AND ME Spiritual Poems 11/13/2019
 My King Spiritual Poems 11/9/2019
 A Moment Life 11/7/2019
 Choose Wisely Inspirational Poems 11/7/2019
 My Greatest Blessing Love 11/5/2019
 Let Go Of The Past Life 11/5/2019
 I Humbly Pray Spiritual Poems 11/4/2019
 Stop The Abuse Misc 11/4/2019
 You Have To Read To Know Spiritual Poems 11/4/2019
 In To God's Grace Inspirational Poems 11/4/2019
 Desert Beauty Nature 11/4/2019
 Creativity Flows Misc 10/29/2019
 Part Of A Winning Team Inspirational Poems 10/24/2019
 Honesty Misc 10/23/2019
 When Will We Realize Inspirational Poems 10/23/2019
 You Are Gone Grieving and Loss 10/23/2019
 Under Your Spell Love 10/20/2019
 Do You Know The Difference? Spiritual Poems 10/19/2019
 The Joy Of The Lord Is My Song Inspirational Poems 10/19/2019
 Now And Forever Spiritual Poems 10/16/2019
 Sing A Happy Song Misc 10/14/2019
 Angel Of Light Life 10/14/2019
 Let Me Take Control Inspirational Poems 10/12/2019
 Leave It To God Inspirational Poems 10/12/2019
 The Best Kind Misc 10/12/2019
 Cherished And Adored Inspirational Poems 10/9/2019
 Overwhelmed Humorous Poems 10/8/2019
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What Is Valuable

Family time around the fire
Children playing happily
Roasting marshmallows... singing songs
That's what is valuable to me
You can have all your riches
All your wealth and prosperity
I have smiles and bountiful laughter
These are the most valuable to me

buaavlle - valuable

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