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 As the snow flys Love 10/25/2011
 Dear Father in Heaven Love 10/25/2011
 The Light Love 10/25/2011
 With out you there is no reason Love 10/25/2011

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As the snow flys

Have you ever seen snow? The white stuff that flys in in the wind ?
From a dark cloud comes these most beautiful little flakes that fall to the ground.
They sparkle like diamonds as they softly float down.
They tickle your nose and leave your face with a grin . :-)
It is so pure and white as it dances in flight,This simple little thing called snow .
Can build into a mountain that overflows that makes time seem to freeze.
Like a Kodak moment you never forget Oh the Joy it will bring .
written to my dearest of friends Nnadi Robert Oct.1-10
and sent to him with Love always Rebecca S. Terry

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