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 Personal Insights Life 8/27/2008
 What The Bleep Did I Just Say Life 8/27/2008
 I'm In Love With An Inmate Love 8/7/2008
 For Real Or Not Love 7/7/2008
 Once upon a Stage Misc 5/23/2006
 trippin' across the sea Misc 4/4/2006
 for one moment, i wish i could be you Misc 4/3/2006
 old wives and lovers Misc 3/25/2006
 a letter Misc 3/25/2006
 always Misc 3/25/2006
 once upon a year or two Misc 3/8/2006
 shall i not ever forget Love 3/8/2006
 To The One and Only Misc 8/25/2005
 Blending Misc 4/27/2005
 the mornin' after Misc 4/26/2005
 Jus for U Babe... Misc 4/25/2005
 loving her was easier than anything youd Misc 4/14/2005
 In Person Misc 4/9/2005
 Ode To Logan Misc 4/9/2005
 Tarnished Misc 4/7/2005
 In This Moment Misc 3/20/2005
 Grassroots Misc 3/13/2005
 tangled up in blue Misc 3/12/2005
 Pele Rising Misc 3/12/2005
 Shells Misc 3/12/2005
 an ocean of dreams Misc 3/11/2005
 self portrait Misc 3/11/2005
 Solitary Misc 3/10/2005
 Waxing Moonshine Misc 3/10/2005
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Personal Insights

It really doesn't matter what I think
Or how I drink or what I think stinks
The smell alone is enough to tell
An what the hell is going on here!

I came to say a little of my mind
To write and write and never feel behind
But behinds I miss and want to feel
And can you tell.... I'm truly all real?

I once sold a Poem for no money
I just wanted all the Honey
But what I got and what I shared
I gave it all to all without care.

Life has gone on like it always does
We walk, we stride, we trot, we run
And through the rain and all the pain
What becomes of the ghosts when the bullet leaves the gun...?

I do not know,
Ask the one who's running this Show.

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