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 For God Inspirational Poems 11/10/2019
 Never Alone Inspirational Poems 11/10/2019
 Like You Once Watched Over Me Insight 10/23/2019
 Heart Felt Message Current Events 10/4/2019

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For God

We end up where life takes us
regardless of where we were
when our life begin.

It's not the beginning that
counts in our life.
It's where we, as individuals,
stand at the end.

From humble beginnings
man has stumbled throughout
life, holding to his faith,
during happy times, and times
of heartache and strife.

But it is in our lowest times,
our greatest times of need
that God's angels come to
visit and remind us, that
the world is far from perfect
and our life is where it's
suppose to be.

If I am good enough for God
with Jesus by my side
I will journey through life
striving, not to please others,
but to please my god who has
long watched over me.
-Jan Tetstone/Heartsong

9:15am November 10, 2019

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