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 Hello Fantasy Poems 8/27/2019
 A-Illusion Misc 8/26/2019
 Vows Insight 8/23/2019
 Karma's Gift Misc 8/18/2019
 FlashBackSeat Love 8/17/2019
 2 years; 3 months Misc 8/17/2019
 D***work Misc 8/15/2019
 Ask Tom Misc 8/14/2019
 Lightning strikes the same place twice Misc 8/14/2019
 Blue Jay Regress Fantasy Poems 8/10/2019
 Blue Jay Returns Short Stories 8/7/2019
 Blue Jay Misc 8/4/2019
 Green Sweater Misc 7/29/2019
 pearl harbor Misc 7/25/2019
 camera eyes Misc 7/25/2019

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Have you seen him at the rip-off rack?
He always comes back
Wearing different shoes each time
Never answers the phone
And expects me to always answer mine
Hello, hello, hello
Thousands of screaming strings make up
His heart-pink Persian rug
Lack and luster layer over in lines
He put up yellow curtains in my home
And called himself mine
Limbo, limbo, limbo
I left a letter in his leather boots
He didn't find it for a year or two
After we both had spent all of our shiny dimes
And there was a wide, open sunflower in the window
He left after he had sung me goodnight
Baby, baby just go
Behind your glass screen
I'm stitched in his sheets
Laughing because it's so easy when I'm high
And he'll disappear when I'm low
You don't have to tell me this time
Baby, baby I know
Again in his silk cuffs
It's never, never, never enough
To feel my chilling tide
Running around his ankles
But to run and hide?
I won't, I won't, I won't

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