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Bequeathing A Gift Of Golden Splendor

As the cool blue heavens slowly turn somber red,
the sun sets over a Hawaiian Island blanketing the sky
in a serene sight of amber hues; another day is over,
and to the heavens of ocean-blue we wave goodbye.

The colours of fiery-red starts to color the sky,
amidst the skies waves of a cool ocean blue,
the sleepy sun paints the heavens and sea,
as time stirs this kaleidoscope view.

While standing here upon the warm sands
watching the setting of the golden sun
bequeathing a gift of golden splendor,
painting the heavens for the day is done.

With a glorious spectacle of the sun going down,
at the oceans edge swaying fronds of palm,
wave in a warm gentle on-shore breeze,
under fire-hued sky, the velvet night spreads its calm.

Such a breath taking sunset on this tropical isle,
Gods creation of a paradisaical view,
portrays real artistic taste with innate talent,
beautifying the scene that only God can do.

While night falls serenely upon the warm earth
I look at the beauty painted in the heavens above,
such a mesmerizing sunset of paradise where
God is the Master Artist of such beauty above.

Also penning under Angel'sWhispers 2019

My Note...Sunsets are beautiful no matter where you are, they always paint beautiful images in my mind.

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