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 Cinderella Humorous Poems 8/8/2013
 Forever and a day... Love 8/8/2013
 Looking back... Silly Poems 8/8/2013
 Thank you Misc 8/8/2013
 please pray... Misc 8/7/2013
 I am only me... Introduce Yourself 8/5/2013
 You have gone away now... Dedications 8/5/2013
 You kissed me good night... Love 8/4/2013
 Lost at sea... Love 8/4/2013

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Cinderella, Cinderella, oh how sometimes I feel like Cinderella! Wash, wash, wash cook and clean. Till every thing sparkles, with a gleam.How some days I would love to just sit. Perhaps I might even learn to knit? I 'll scrub the tub and get it clean, I 'll remove that yucky nasty ring. Wash,wash, wash every sock and dish. Off to the ball, I do wish! Yes, I will scrub, cook and clean till the end of the day. And to myself, I will say...I must consider, at least I'm not the mean step-sister!

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