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 so sick of it! Misc 9/10/2008
 try to be friends? or permenant enemies? Misc 9/8/2008
 Untitled at this time Love 9/7/2008
 Do you ever dream like this? Ten Word Challenge 3/12/2008
 she didn't even care Ten Word Challenge 2/25/2008
 hooked on your love Misc 2/19/2008
 Time for Another Loving Night Love 2/19/2008
 impatient Misc 2/18/2008
 challenge Misc 2/13/2008
 another boy Misc 2/13/2008
 Joel~ My Best Friend Friends 2/6/2008
 OHHHHHHHHHH ......(WAS CALLED SMACK) Misc 1/30/2008
 Let it go Misc 1/22/2008
 Love Me Forever Misc 1/15/2008
 Wolf Misc 1/15/2008
 Bored or Just Plain in Love Love 1/15/2008
 You say........He says.....ME Misc 1/14/2008
 No more goodbyes Love 1/14/2008
 Absurd Misc 1/14/2008
 10 minutes Misc 1/14/2008
 For Connor Misc 1/3/2008
 Out Of Control (Adult) Love 1/2/2008
 Confused I Love You 1/2/2008

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so sick of it!

I only have a temper when needed
I only give up when I am pleaded
I'm not scared of a single thing
bring it all bring everything
I'm so sick of your hateful words
your mouth is full of **** or maybe it's curds
you talk so big and bad
but not to my face- you are so sad
you put a protection order on me
for pulling in your driveway-oh whoopee!
I'm not asking to tangle or fight
I want this crap gone
let's just make it right
Just talk to me and you will see
I'm not this person that you tell everybody
If you have the guts to put it all away
give it a chance we could talk some day

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