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The Dinner

The Dinner

My mind

So people want to know inside of my mind.
Sit back relax, let dine,
On my thoughts.
Don't worry about the time I just stop the clock.
I frequently talk to myself,
I'm a class a crazy no doubt.
You want go deep inside this brain,
Because careful what you wish for this one is not sane.
I'm obsess with a corpse,
Think about that dead body, everyday, like breathing is force.
Love is the greatest thing you can have in this mortal life according to the living,
Some even claim to have the greatest love of all time but are they overly conceiting?

So you can stop now and ignore the rest,
or keep going and scatter through this mess.

The Appetizer

Ight let's start with the appetizer.
What I like to call the seizer.
The phone call I finally decide to pick up,
Things are going to get a little tense so let's take a quick sip from our wine cup.
This girl is, was, my lotus.
When she was around I always kept focus.
She made me open my eyes to things that I never notice,
Her heart was always open and mine I always wanted to close it.
She made me reach beyond heaven and earth,
Loving her was my prime fortune but also a curse.
Even though she made me better,
At times, many of it, I was strap down with fetters.
Like a hyena chain up after feasting on a meal.
Laughing at the world after I just ate a baby seal.
In my bind I'm cage up,
People look at me like a freak, so laugh right back, straight up.
Fast forward to the body in the bed, gobble up her heart is what I ate.
Served it up on silver platter, naw, golden plate.

Appetizer over, time for main course,
Liver, my favorite, let eat it with no remorse.

The Liver

Ahh, the liver and the kidney, the kidney and the lung,
Then the rest of the intestines, I'm having fun.
I slaughter this innocent girl into bite size pieces,
Then chow down the bloodiest parts like a pack of hungry canines that broke their leashes.
They say when a man love a women she can do him no wrong,
Could nine is where his head be on.
To think she delayed my death and I left her to get herself kill.
After everything I done she still had a fighting will.
The liver my favorite because she love sweet wine.
Drank a little too much and I could of stop her because I caught the sign,
But I didn't so now we're enjoying my favorite dinner.
Thank you for being such a good listener.
This girl has a powerful faith,
Even though she knew that death will come soon rather then late.
People thought I had a hazy mind,
But I was never in love because I was never actually blind.
Yet I could of been because everyone, but me, knew her exact expiration date.
So there wasn't a chance before she expire for me to surprise her with a cake.

Ahh, speaking of cake let go to deserts,
To calm us down before we go berserk.

The Dessert

Now as we eat our sugary treat,
And relax after our feast.
You're wondering if this is what I actually think of on a daily basis,
Or am I lying trying to make it?
I'm always blood thirsty,
Sucking the life out of one to the next, especially when angered I show no mercy.
Life is what you make it, or so they say.
But some can't take it, so all they want to do is slay,
The next victim which they'll enjoy.
Give them pleasure, their darkest fantasy coming true, like the theory from Freud.
Forbidden pleasure come from a variety of sources,
Mine is corpses.
They say a cemetery is eerie and dreadful, but to me is peaceful.
Unlike the living is not deceitful.
Sitting next to her tombstone,
The place where she lie in her throne.
The deathbed,
Where she lie her head.

I hope you enjoy our three course dinner.
Proving I'm one of the worst sinners.


Comeback anytime for another meal,
I'll talk if you listen, it that a deal?

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