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 The Doll Life 11/22/2013
 Words Insight 11/18/2013
 Faith Inspirational Poems 11/6/2013
 On this Road Dark Poetry 11/6/2013
 Stars of Memory The Pain of Love 11/5/2013
 Love is... Love 11/5/2013
 Dream Lover Love 11/5/2013
 An Aunt's Prayer Dedications 11/5/2013
 Samhain Holiday Poems 10/31/2013
 Out of Place Misc 10/30/2013
 I am Me Introduce Yourself 10/30/2013

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The Doll

There is a doll
upon the floor
once well loved
but loved, no more.

Her soft blonde curls
are now a dusty gray
her flowered apron is torn
a memory of an prior May.

Her eyes china blue
and once were clear
now devoid of life
of hope, of cheer.

She once was a gift
long, long ago
a childhood companion
through happiness and woe

It was storming when we left
and moved right out of town
I watched the house disappear
the rain was crashing down

When we finally arrived
for we had travelled long
it was when we unpacked
that I realized she was gone.

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