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Hello My Love

Hello my love; may I sit for awhile
has he left you alone to think for awhile.
Crying, trying to be true my sweet one
I'll stay awhile with you.

Smiling I can see the three of us
Running across the fields
with Bobby out racing us,
Laughing and teasing us to try
to catchup with him.

Bobby had gone for awhile
the river was wide and free;
you moved a little closer and
you tumbled in.
My heart was thumping as I heard you call out.

Thinking how could I help you
safely back upon the bank
Forgetting I could not swim
I pushed myself as far as I could
into the whirling foaming water
I held you close to me doing
what Bobby told me to keep
you safe for him.

Bobby had come running
calling out our names.
'My God ' He said, 'What have you done !!!'
He swam so fast to by our side and began to bring
us in.
My hand in yours seemed to be holding us back.
I was so tired my heart was not strong like Bobby's seemed to be;
I felt as if my life was leaving me.

I felt so cold my breathing stilled
I was floating up above.
I watched as you both cried as my body laid to rest.
Bobby whispered in your ear,'Molly Jane please don't weep;
I can see him on the other side laughing at our tears.'

Hello my love may I sit for a while
I know my sweet one
Bobby will be back in a little while.

Feeling my touch upon your cheek
you remember as a child how I wiped
your tears when you had fell down
and Bobby was not around.

I feel your love as Bobby walks in
He holds you close and smiling says;
'Tomorrow my lovely we will wed;
like my twin brother had foretold .'
I smiled as I remembered well my message I did tell.
On day you both will wed when you are twenty Molly Jane
and Bobby's twenty one

'so if you Molly Jane will consent to be my darling wife
I will never leave you alone again.'

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