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From a Dream

I've been through enough to know,
a numerous amount of people put on a show,
yet here I stand contemplating this man,
one that before I had never seen except for in an astral land.

Already you say things that have so much meaning,
constantly I'm smiling, singing, and off day dreaming,
Those lips.. so.. so soft and those arms comforting,
have swept me up off my feet causing my heart to begin palpitating.

In this sway of possibilities so endless with you,
I remain cautious with rules, still trusting your intentions to be true,
My emotions are joyous and my feet feel quite light,
for every word you say, my heart takes flight.

I've waited so long to find someone who is so in tune,
Time and patience are our tools to find out how we, together, will bloom,
I'm curious as can be and will wait to see,
If those are the arms I've searched for to have wrapped around me.

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