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'Heart And Soul '

Tues.7:17 P.M.

Unconditional love only comes from the heart and soul
A love that's forever
A story untold...

When you touch your childs hand and feel so warm inside
When they confide in you
And see the tears they cried...

When ready for bed they say my home work is due in the morning
You turn around
They never give you that warning...

And as they grow older and out on their own
Tears fall
And you feel left alone...

When you know they are trying to all that's right
Your heart feels happy
With no more tears in the night...

The heart and soul is what makes that love
A true gift
From heaven above...

Compassion when you see some child so alone not knowing what to do
You just want to say a comforting word
So their skies again turn blue...

Your heart forgiving all for what mistakes they make
Even though at times
You feel your heart break....

Look deep into ones eyes to their very soul to feel what they feel inside
To a heart in silence
Yet you feel it when they cried.............Yes the heart and soul is what we all should feel...


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