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A Tough Road Ahead

We weren't promise a bed of
thornless roses.
But I wasn't prepared when
the Stroke came along, snagging you.

Our love for each other is what
keeps us going;
help us to get up each morning
to face another day.

Sometimes it ain't easy.
My tears flood my eyes,
kept me blind.
But we keep pushing forward.

We won't let the Stroke win.
For we are you and I.
And we don't have that in us-
to give up.

We have too much to lose-
you and I, our love,
our passionate true love.
We will rise, rise above it all.

So you see, if I didn't have you
and your love,
I wouldn't want to get up in the morning.
I wouldn't have you
as my special man in my life.

Oh God knows, we are meant for each other
a love done right
a match made in harmony
Oh God knows I love you with all my heart,
My Teddy Bear Darling, forever and more.

(C)Noreen Ann Snyder

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