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Broken Hearted

Broken Hearted

As I walked the road
I could see shadows in your room
Though you had no idea
How,I was ready to be your groom

As I stood there by a tree
I could see your shadows kiss
My eyes filled with tears
I knew he was getting my wish

You never bothered to look out
As you closed your curtains
Though I couldn't see anymore
My heart was breaking for certain

As I finally walked away
I took the long way back home
Trying to clear my head
And not feel so lost and alone

I rolled and twisted in bed
Well after the break of morn
Every time I thought of you
I would get angry and scorn

Now,I look back to that night
As a lesson well learned
Each day I feel a bit better
Someday,I'll find love my heart yearns

Until that day I'll think of you
Maybe wish it could have been me
But everything happens for a reason
As sure as death sets our spirits free

Written 4/17/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
2018 Norman (All rights reserved)

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