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You smile, I smirk

You look at me and smile. That f'ing smile!
Man, I wish I could read your thoughts right now,
Know what sensual images are flowing through it at this very moment...
That thought brings about a smirk of my own.
I reach up and tug on your chin, you're too tall for me to just out right steal a kiss..
When our lips meet, it's magic.
Our smiles unite and break open a flood of desire, of longing to be known, of two souls reunited at last...
The mistakes of the past start to fade with each second.
I know you, I see you with my eyes closed.
With every touch, a new memory created and sedated are the fears of tomorrow, logistics, of what will be missed. Tonight you are mine, and I yours.
Tonight you smile at me, I smirk in return...

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