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 Toss Salad Love 1/7/2015
 “A Child’s Utopia” Fantasy Poems 4/23/2014
 Who knows? Life 4/23/2014
 “Contrasting Realities” Life 4/22/2014
 “My English Teacher” Life 4/18/2014
 “Cry in the Night” Dark Poetry 4/18/2014
 Who is this girl? Misc 4/18/2014
 Hoping for a Miracle Life 4/18/2014
 Soft Sprinkles Life 4/18/2014
 “Elevation of Women” Misc 4/18/2014
 “My Knight in Shining Armour” Misc 4/17/2014
 'Jiggles and Jingles' Love 4/17/2014
 “Fire of Love within” Insight 4/17/2014
 “Satan’s Medallions” World Events 4/17/2014
 “Some Day” Inspirational Poems 4/17/2014
 'Day Dreaming' Fantasy Poems 4/17/2014
 'sunbeams and stars' Love 4/10/2014
 Then She Heard His Screams... Insight 4/9/2014
 “As each star appears” Insight 4/8/2014
 “Myself and Them” Dark Poetry 4/8/2014
 Filtering Light Insight 4/8/2014
 “Good Bye My Love” Love 4/8/2014
 “Duet of Our Hearts” Love 4/8/2014
 “accidental meeting” Misc 4/8/2014
 Fading into Darkness Life 9/17/2013
 “I want to Breathe You” Love 7/26/2013
 “Like in a Nightmare” Dark Poetry 7/26/2013
 “Flavoured Sweetness” Love 7/26/2013
 “Victim of Circumstance” Life 7/26/2013
 “Life is Cheap” World Events 7/26/2013
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Toss Salad

Start with Divine Prayers
A bunch of morning kisses
Rays of sunshine
A sprinkle of rose petals
Few sprigs of heartbeats
A head of crisp forever
Strings of tasty endearments
A lifetime of magic
Uncontained love and bliss
and understanding
Suitable for every palette

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