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 SO IN LOVE Love Gone Bad 9/22/2019
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 WHEN I SEE Life 9/14/2019
 EMISSION World Events 9/13/2019
 SYNTHETIC Life 9/13/2019
 CANDY KISSES I Love You 9/13/2019
 ROUTE Life 9/12/2019
 HOLY Misc 9/12/2019

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I was young and so in love.
She was an angel sent from above.
We got married, hotter than a pepper sprout.
We never thought there would ever be a bout.

We had our ups and downs.
You say, you know a clown.
But if you knew him when no one's round.
You would know where sadness is found.

That girl you loved so much,
Eventually you have lost touch.
After twenty three years,
She's had enough.

She ask for a divorce.
I gave it to her of course.


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