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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Re-posted in Spirit of Saint Patricks Day

These embers of Ireland glow upon her fields of green
Ireland's inheritance unique birthright of Ireland's own!
Irelandís sons and daughters to be found around the world.
They come home in spirit, remember their family and friends
when folklore returns to their hearts, passions in songs echo
never so far, never to forget Ireland is their Emerald Home.

Breath after breath behold the treasure of Ireland's past
Ireland's Dear Sweet Love beckons all home to be free.
There be loved and be true by Ireland's blessed kisses
Ireland's spirit sets you free to live out your dreams.
Fly across the ocean, an Irish Sea back to Ireland.

Come home and be Irish today, a wee bit longer
to be sure, to be true come back to dear Ireland
united this Saint Patrick's Day in Erin's name.
Sing an Irish lullaby, eat, drink and be merry
for life and love be one in enchanted Ireland.

Ireland awaits you to bestow her love upon you
her lost sheep, fine lads and lassies call back home
have the grandest time, Happy Saint Patrick's Day.
Saint Patrick himself wishes you a Cead Mile Failte
One Hundred Thousand Welcomes, Embrace Ireland.

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