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 Goodbye Grieving and Loss 11/21/2019
 Born Again Spiritual Poems 11/16/2019
 End of the Road Life 11/11/2019
 My Tutor, My Love Love 6/7/2019
 Mystery of You Life 5/21/2019
 Leaves Nature 3/31/2019
 Wait And See Life 3/30/2019
 Agency Spiritual Poems 3/26/2019
 Mother Insight 3/21/2019
 Landfill Misc 3/18/2019
 Reformed Love 3/17/2019
 Boxed Insight 3/10/2019
 Unsighted Insight 3/3/2019
 Preview Love 2/28/2019
 Softness Love 2/24/2019
 Lessons Life 2/19/2019
 For Us Spiritual Poems 2/15/2019
 Wondering Life 2/12/2019
 At My Side Misc 2/9/2019
 Empty Empathy Current Events 12/14/2018
 This Site . . . Life 12/13/2018
 Blue Lagoon Spiritual Poems 12/9/2018
 Innocence Lost Life 12/5/2018
 Masks Life 12/3/2018
 For The Children II Grieving and Loss 11/24/2018
 Sunset II Life 11/22/2018
 George Life 11/21/2018
 Exemplars Spiritual Poems 11/19/2018
 I Saw Her Love 11/16/2018
 Campfire Insight 11/10/2018
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To meet her is to make yourself anew
to be changed at the core of your being.
Her every word caused love to ensue
and you discovered a new way of seeing.

Not in your life did you know her kind—
she held you, healed you when you’d cry.
Oh how it wounds, unwinds one’s mind
to say to sweet Brandy . . .Goodbye.

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