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My Tutor, My Love

Come to me my sweet.
Let me put my arms around you,
look fathoms deep into your eyes
and talk of you and what is true.

I loved you the moment we met
but that was in my callow youth.
Years with you made me anew
and locked love in gospel truth.

I was impatient, quick of temper,
and in every spat had to be right.
You listened with grace and a smile
and loved me the more every night.

Came a day when I saw the light,
your sweetness set old me aside.
I became all you wanted me to beó
a man worthy to call you his bride.

Eternally grateful I sincerely am
To have had you as wife and tutor.
I shudder to think I may have lost you
to another ready-made suitor.

(Apologies if I posted this previousy)

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