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 not just plumb, true, heartening, you Inspirational Poems 11/12/2019
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 Sun, Silly Starstuff, Soulshine Inspirational Poems 10/31/2019
 alival Inspirational Poems 10/24/2019
 Khashoggi Didn't Die In Vain World Events 10/18/2019
 Khashoggi's Death Be Proud Grieving and Loss 10/13/2019
 Our King-Kong Sized Terrible-Two Humorous Poems 10/4/2019
 sacrifices? Insight 9/24/2019
 Mitakuye Oyasin Spiritual Poems 9/16/2019
 from whence... 1st line below is title Spiritual Poems 9/9/2019
 Congress, Must The People Step In?!! World Events 8/30/2019
 Aloft Spiritual Poems 8/27/2019
 Trump's Wall Increases Valley Of... Current Events 8/2/2019
 Acosta=RumputiN=Epstein Current Events 7/12/2019
 A Quilt (Deux) Inspirational Poems 4/9/2019
 untitled (vs. imperialism + its idyl... World Events 4/9/2019
 The Intellect Can't Lead For The Life... World Events 11/20/2018
 Nature's Balanced... 1st line is title Insight 11/17/2018
 Felonious RumputiN...1st line is title Current Events 10/14/2018
 Felonious RumputiN's...1st line's title Current Events 10/8/2018
 RumputiN Izing Of United S... World Events 8/24/2018
 RumputiN, Underworld Crown Grieving and Loss 8/24/2018
 la machine's ripping the heart from... Inspirational Poems 7/3/2018
 Unreal Times Trois Current Events 6/4/2018
 Still?!?!? World Events 5/19/2018
 The Convolution's But A Speck Of Dust... Spiritual Poems 5/9/2018
 The United Suck Of Assassins World Events 5/9/2018
 growing is going, going is growing Insight 4/29/2018
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not just plumb, true, heartening, you

San frontieres, a twig of poetree,

topological, roots and wings,

once more to the breach,

dancing betwixt ears, ungestured, bays,

I'd be as a mayfly, only alive a day,

rather than as long as an eagle flies, not whying.

Fathoming delves ley lines realizing increasing

wingspan, height of flight, intensity of sunlight.

Challenge :) Bird's Eye View, Anew; with reality1

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