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 Lonely The Pain of Love 7/12/2008
 Judged Insight 6/17/2008
 Dignity And Pride Inspirational Poems 6/5/2008
 Tragedy Current Events 2/18/2008
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 Though Fallen They Stand Misc 9/20/2007
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 Where Am I Insight 6/27/2007
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 This Day Current Events 4/17/2007
 Beautiful Eyes Life 4/14/2007
  Just Another Day Current Events 3/29/2007
 She's Gone Love Gone Bad 3/13/2007
 A Mother's Love Life 3/1/2007
 The Promise Friends 2/16/2007
  Abuse Silenced Misc 1/25/2007
  Guilt Life 1/5/2007
  A Page In History Misc 1/5/2007
  The Locket Life 1/5/2007
  My Son Insight 1/5/2007
  It Was Always Me Insight 11/10/2006
 It's Just Me Life 10/3/2006
  Dream Insight 9/28/2006
 The Masquerade Life 7/24/2006
  What If.... Life 7/14/2006
 The Vow I Love You 7/8/2006
  They Dance Love 6/4/2006
 Another Sleepless Night Life 5/26/2006
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To battle with feelings of a lonely heart
lovers should never have to ever part

But the loss of the love of a dear friend
seems that deep down, will never end

They say each day it gets easier to bare
but not so, for it's everything you share

Every touch and breath that you take
for each other, from the day you wake

Until the end of the day, into the night
you fall sleep, holding, each other tight

Thought it would last forever, was sure
but now I'm lonely, looking for a cure

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