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 Wild Horses Misc 8/19/2019
 I Watched Midnight Sun Fall Into Dark Sh Misc 8/19/2019
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As Low Midnight Sounds Into Sad Soul See

As Low Midnight Sounds Into Sad Soul Seep

When aching heart pleads deep for break of day
As low midnight sounds into sad soul seep
Lonesome the solitude that has its way
When stabbing sorrows deny peaceful sleep.

Wind outside blows in, gusts of prancing pain
A cold that births chills of darkened dread
Echoes of her kiss, memories remain
As dead dreams float above her empty bed.

Great hard blows hit with chiming of the clock
As visions parade before teary eyes
Head pounds like a sledge hammer breaking rock
When recalling her vows and well spun lies.

Wind outside blows in, gusts of prancing pain.
Echoes of her kiss, memories remain.

Robert J. Lindley, 9-16-2019
Sonnet, 'Dark' ( When Dark Of Night Delivers Those Lost Love Blows )

Note, Recollections of youthful loss and nights of sorrowing pains,
wild youth costs, lost loves and echoes that yet visit on dark nights
when shadows come out to play..
Copyright Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2019

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