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 Memories Love 8/15/2009
 The Girl And Her Sailor Love 8/15/2009
 Just A Chance Grieving and Loss 2/8/2009
 Up To You The Pain of Love 12/27/2008
 The End Love Gone Bad 12/27/2008
 If You Want To Know Love 11/26/2008
 Jordan's Poem Grieving and Loss 5/31/2008
 Just A Word Love Gone Bad 3/1/2008
 The Sweetest Surprise Love 3/1/2008
 I Think They've Forgotten Life 11/14/2006
 Do You Know What It's Like Life 11/14/2006
 Re-Run Love 9/13/2006
 A Beacon of Hope Love 7/31/2006
 Graduation Life 6/1/2006
 For My Love Love 4/16/2006
 Ballad of a Southern Soldier Ballad 4/10/2006
 The Choice Misc 4/10/2006
 This Feeling Love 3/31/2006
 The Love of my Life, My Everything Love 3/16/2006
 Can't go back Life 3/10/2006
 Thankful Love 2/14/2006
 The Space You Left Grieving and Loss 12/19/2005
 My Tears Love Gone Bad 12/12/2005
 Everything's Okay Love 12/12/2005
 My Best Friend Friends 10/31/2005
 I Like HIm Love 10/30/2005
 Sometimes Friends 10/4/2005
 I'm Always Here For You Inspirational Poems 9/11/2005
 Dreams Of Forever Love 9/11/2005
 Forever Friends Love 8/19/2005
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The mem'ry of your smile
Is what gets me through the night
It's what keeps me breathing
Till the morning's first light

The mem'ry of your touch
Is what gets me through the day
When I know that you can't be here
'Cause you're so far away

The mem'ry of your voice
Keeps playin' in my head
It's how I know you love me
When the words cannot be said

The mem'ry of your laugh
It's what makes me smile
It's what makes the hardest days
Always seem worthwhile

The mem'ry of those words
As I turn out the light
It takes me to the next time
You say 'I'm coming home tonight.'

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