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 Null Set Insight 10/6/2019
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 The Meeting Humorous Poems 1/31/2017
 Electric Box Insight 7/22/2016
 Sounding Off Life 7/21/2016
 unplugged Nature 6/18/2016
 Purloined Reception Nature 7/13/2015
 This is Why I Camp Short Stories 6/15/2015
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 Good Friend Grieving and Loss 1/16/2014
 JRS Grieving and Loss 1/2/2014
 Atlas, Compromised Dark Poetry 12/20/2013
 Isobars Insight 9/9/2013
 Dog Sun Tea Nature 8/18/2013
 Dog Sun Life 8/18/2013
 Traveling Ashes Short Stories 6/25/2013
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Null Set

the silence
deafened me
when a few

thoughtful words
could have
erased all conflict

it's said that
the quiet people
have loud minds

if that's true
i must be
screaming now

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