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The Journey

Fading childhood dreams
of sweet innocence, long gone
young love, and broken hearts
that we thought would never mend
But they did

Young, and standing tall
life was a party
but one day, the music ended

Too many family and friends
have fallen by the way
for them, the end of days
but their love in my heart
shall forever stay

Marriage, two become one
in love
The birth of a child
and the circle is complete

With each stage of our lives
a new adventure unfolds
But! I can not see
what is yet to be
as I journey through life

I can only look back
and embrace the joys and sorrows
of what was, and is no more
as the tides of time
carry me along
to uncharted territories

for each new day
is an adventure
shared by all living things
So live it,
with much love and gusto
and share it with many

For long after your journey
has ended
Someone will remember
and feel the warmth of your love
within their heart


to be remembered in a loving way
give, more then you take
from family, friends and the world
and enjoy the journey]


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