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 smiling Misc 11/15/2019
 haunted repose Dark Poetry 9/21/2019
 misplaced loyalty Misc 9/9/2019
 last laugh Misc 8/21/2019
 rainy night Misc 8/19/2019
 unheeding Misc 6/12/2019
 now here Misc 11/27/2018
 regret Dark Poetry 11/27/2018
 opening door Misc 11/13/2017
 landing Song Lyrics 5/1/2017
 lady midnight Song Lyrics 3/2/2017
 let go Misc 2/24/2017
 escape Misc 2/24/2017
 dreamfall Misc 2/6/2017
 unsettled Misc 2/6/2017
 back when Misc 1/28/2017
 darkly Misc 12/8/2016
 white agony Dark Poetry 10/17/2016
 seasons Dark Poetry 8/28/2016
 awake Misc 8/13/2016
 chilly touch Misc 8/12/2016
 fitful sleep Misc 8/1/2016
 gone Misc 7/11/2016
 fragments Misc 7/11/2016
 night terror Dark Poetry 6/29/2016
 broken Misc 6/20/2016
 morose Dark Poetry 5/20/2016
 serenity Misc 5/12/2016
 unburdened Misc 2/29/2016
 now here Misc 2/29/2016
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i love the chaos you bring
thunderous clouds bring the rain
sun beaming down a desolate land
a chance something can grow again
with you appears a gentle glow
something to keep at bay the dark
scarred hideously by uncaring thorns
today is a lovely walk in a park
nothing can ever last forever
with you,i enjoy every moment
tonight i dream,not fitfully sleep
the bitter wages of loneliness spent

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