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 Don't Dodge The Fact Insight 11/8/2019
 Security Blanket  Misc 10/17/2019
 A Magical, Mystical Word Called “Song” Misc 10/13/2019
 You Lose Some; You Win Some Love 10/4/2019
 I Am No Longer A Paying Guest Life 10/1/2019
 I Am In A Hurry! Life 9/30/2019
 Oh. My God. Oh. My God! Misc 9/29/2019
  Anguish Grieving and Loss 9/29/2019
 He Is Our Gardner Life 9/26/2019
 It Is Ridiculous! Misc 9/1/2019
 That Wait! Fantasy Poems 8/18/2019
 A Beautiful Day Misc 8/10/2019
 Wait Till You Are Our Age! Humorous Poems 8/8/2019
 Kids Are Humans Too! Childrens Poetry 7/30/2019
 Every Day Is A New Day Misc 7/24/2019
 She Panicked! Humorous Poems 7/2/2019
 It Is Ok To Be Not Ok Life 6/25/2019
 Everyone Gets His Chance! Inspirational Poems 6/21/2019
 What Hypocrisy! Misc 6/15/2019
 A Memory To Cherish! Friends 6/10/2019
 The Scent Of My Mother Life 4/20/2019
 MY Game Was Prosperous! Misc 4/9/2019
 My Youth, My Ignorance  Life 4/1/2019
  I See A Different World! Nature 3/10/2019
 A Lust For Life Nature 2/15/2019
 My Valentine! Misc 2/8/2019
 A Journey into the soul Insight 1/25/2019
 Don’t Look Back Life 1/12/2019
 A Dream To Realize  Inspirational Poems 1/6/2019
 Rethink! Life 1/6/2019
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Don't Dodge The Fact

I never could understand what she actually means.
She talks volumes, beating around the bush.
Why waste so many words, precious?

Shall I tell her to stop babbling, making me dizzy!
Making yourself understood is an art in itself.
Directness and honesty do the trick!

Doesn’t she know that I am always quick to notice;
Isn’t it easy for her not to embellish words?
Ambiguity brings only confusion.

The truer words were never spoken by my friend;
And, I feel an uneasiness when she speaks,
I always doubt; is she dodging the fact?

Deeny’s Contest: “Truer Words Were Never Spoken”

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