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 My Apology Misc 8/29/2004

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How do you sleep? Are you always alone?

What kind of sheets? Do you turn off your phone?

Is there soft music playing, or a breeze blowing in

Through a half-open window, how does your day end?

Do you lay on your back, or roll onto your side,

With only a sheet or under blankets to hide?

Is it cool in your room, or do you turn up the heat?

Do you sleep in the buff, or with socks on your feet?

Are you surrounded by pillows all cuddled in tight,

How many times do you wake in the night?

Do you climb in on the right or slide in from the left side?

Maybe jumping from the front with a long and graceful stride.

Speaking of sides which do you like best?

Or are you spread out to keep off an unwelcome guest?

Is your bed twin size or full? Maybe queen or even king?

What I'm getting at is would there be room for me?

I've fancied this rhyme like that of Mr.Suess,

Now I'm no doctor but I'm love sick from you,

That's my diagnosis and I say that it's right one,

I've been enamored by your beauty, smitten since we've begun,

I tell you that I won't stop, least not until I've won,

Won all the love, and admiration that you hold,

When I think about my future, it's really you when I grow old,

Morning walks down the beach, evening dinner on the sand,

And when we fall asleep it's ME holding your hand,

Speaking of haven't answered any of my questions yet...

Well I was just wondering, I like to be prepared. =)

How do you sleep?

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