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Put a little love in your heart

Put a little love in your heart.
Steady the beat from the start.
Make all transitions placed to perfection,
smoothly with grace through walk and in race
let a feat be how neat you feel in the feet.
as we glide like on air such be the care,
every step taken so we're never forsaken.
Kind and gentle as can be
that a longer life shall surely see .
For kindness is in feeling, both standing and kneeling,

In our expressions when we smile and if eyes meet for a while
Put a purr in the pump avoid emergency thumps.
Keep away from swearing and concentrate on caring.
Treat yourself to a healthy conscience,
lose all the built up stuffen nonsense.
Do not follow the dammed lost in empathy
Find the bibles plan role modeling with sympathy.
Stay on a good course to avoid future remorse.
Wonder what the lord sees when your eyed chasing defeat.
Come back little lamb is said from high on the mercy seat

Deeny's Put a little love in you heart challenge

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