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 Imperfect Misc 11/16/2012
 No More Judging! Misc 11/16/2012
 psychosis Misc 11/15/2012
 Love's great adventure Misc 11/15/2012
 Parting Misc 11/15/2012
 Coffee Shop Orators Misc 11/14/2012
 Smitten Heart Misc 11/14/2012
 Mountain Paradise Misc 11/14/2012
 The Prize Misc 11/14/2012
 DarkPoet: Disgrace Misc 11/14/2012
 2012: The End Dark Poetry 11/12/2012
 Love Lost Misc 11/11/2012
 Winter Misc 11/11/2012
 Lust Love 11/11/2012
 Ecstasy Love 11/11/2012
 Lasting Love Misc 11/9/2012
 Sands of Time Misc 11/9/2012
 Buried Misc 11/9/2012
 Overdue Divorce Misc 11/8/2012
 Sometimes love... Misc 11/6/2012
 Torment Misc 11/6/2012
 Southwestern Desert Misc 11/6/2012
 Poetry Misc 11/6/2012
 Ageless Misc 11/6/2012
 If Only... Misc 11/5/2012
 Gratuitous Misc 11/5/2012
 The Poet Disrobed Misc 11/4/2012
 Special Friends Misc 11/2/2012
 Solace Inspirational Poems 11/2/2012
 Seekers Dark Poetry 11/2/2012
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How does one choose the ‘better’
when the best are everywhere?

How a winner when no losers exist?

Perplexing; a dilemma, a mind boggler,
a sharp pain in the derriere!

Choices promulgated upon opinion?
Ribbons awarded utilizing only criteria?

To whom, a ‘slap-in-the-face’,
and where, that pat on the back?

Oh Lord, my fervent prayer;
let me not judge others
for I am imperfect…..

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