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Summer's heat and golden fields of Wheat

Summer is not only boredom, laziness and sweat
But too much to gain? if we think otherwise, instead

Can winter be such cold if there were no glare
Cold and heat, merge and birth the poet's flair

These vast fields of wheat ripened by Summer's heat
Harvest done, slash tags left for tiny birds to eat

Rolling iron teeth, spin and devour acres of wheat
Under the sunny glare, no sight of sheep and bleat

Let's harvest what in cold days we did sow in furrow
Crops are Godsend for sowers, for critter and sparrow

Vast plains of varied hues, barley wheat and flour
Ripe heads are bent to the sharp edge of mower

Neither the sun, nor the weary task can be a reason
To let such wealth be lost, its now or never, the season

So summer as hot as a stove and a hellish Gehenna
But a heaven's open gate, to gain such a poetic Nirvana

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