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Through The Candlelight

I still remember, those dimly seen days
Back in olden times as one used to say
Golden ways, stainless memories
Reading books in the mountains' breeze

Happy souvenirs of the bright heydays
Youth times, i used to tread the pathways
Upward heading to the high hills of the eagle
To the mountain dubbed ''Mother of vultures''

How soft and tender were those short whiles
How younger and stronger i could walk for miles;
While the sad piano notes echo in my mind
I drift back reviving the child i once left behind

Oh ! the sound of the rain on my carmine roof
Splashing, exploding dancing to my heart's tune
And those blurred shadows on walls, strolling
In the moonlight, shapes back and forth scrolling,

Alas ! if only i could turn back the hours
And revive the bright shines of the flowers
And spend short while inside nature's bower
I would give my life, give my poetic power

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