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 ( On That Cold Dark Night ) The Pain of Love 2/16/2011
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 ( Don't Give Up ) Short Stories 10/16/2010
  (Forbidden Love) Short Stories 10/15/2010
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( On That Cold Dark Night )

Am walking all alone,and its so cold.
But I keep walking
Knowing your not home

Can't feel my fingers,its so cold.
still walking alone
Couldn't talk to the one I love, she
was not hone

It is so very dark and I can't see, from all.
the snow, blowing in my face.
Asking God if he had time for me
And then this light comes over me.

throughing my shadow in front of me.
That was God showing me the light
So I could see
Then the sky got so beautiful, and the stars ,
got so bright, on that cold dark night.

He knew I was getting to cold and walking,
all alone to night
God turn me around and showed me the way
And turn on the light

So I wouldn't be all alone, walking to night
When God walks with you,
you'll see the light

Like I did on that cold dark night
Just for you
(From Dreamer)

( On that Cold Dark Night)

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