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Fight Another Round KKD

Fight Another Round

On My body
havoc you may reek
but My Savior is
my only safe keep

You take me to my knees
most every day
but while I am there
I stay to pray

Everyday you are there
with your planted fear
But My Savior is
the only voice I hear

On my daily travels
you continually trip me up
but My Savior will
always pick me up

Each and every day
your defeating voice I hear
but My Savior is my strength
lets make that very clear

Evil one I ban you
from this life of mine
My Savior will
win every time

So Satin be off with you
get out of my sight
With my Savior's love
We will put up a fight

My faith you try to alerter
but with my feet planted on holy ground
My Savior and I are always ready
to Fight Another Round

ღ KKD ღ

Original by
Donna DeLong Matthews
The Gold Pen Ghost
November 2006
(All rights reserved)
Just another reflection of my ღ

Shawn and Brian
(My favorite Brothers in Christ)
Thank you so much for
allowing me the honor of
using this song on my write
The first time I heard this it
spoke so strongly of my life right now....

The below song was used with permission
from Shawn and Brian Crisagis
Please visit their site and hear
the rest of their awesome music and see
the many many ways they serve our Lord....
They are truly a treasured
gift from above.
The Chrisagis Brothers Productions
Please do not use this song
with out written permission from
The Crisagis Brothers
Crisagis Brothers ~ Put Up A Fight
Used with permission

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ღ God asked me how long I planned on keeping you in my life.
I smiled and said...
How do I choose between always and forever...
But then I have found that's really not up to me... ღ

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