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Chapter 35 ~ News Flash Canadian Buzzard

Adventures Of The Dueling Poets
Chapter 35
Hope You Enjoy

News Flash Canadian Buzzard Almost Cooked

Me the buzzard,
almost cooked
With fear for my behind,
I take a look
Yes !, I see my butt
is thankfully still there
Although no feathers are on it,
it's now bare

Stop drop and roll,
to put that darn fire out
My backside burning,
as I frantically dance about
Unfortunately I have given new meaning,
to shake your booty
Glad I didn't eat beans,
for I would hate to be tooting

That Mouth of the South,
laughed as I rolled about !!
She could at least help,
put the blasted fire out
The Great Canadian Buzzards,
goose is cooked
That's how the headlines,
would have looked

But I escaped,
yes with all my important parts
Again I must say,
I'm glad I didn't have the farts
It would give brand new meaning to,
this is a gas
Just glad I got away
and fortunately saving my ass

Thanks goes out,
to those brave Canadian Firemen
They haven't lost
a house foundation yet
we do have wooden ones now

My New Email: thebuzzard at :)

The Great Canadian Buzzards
response to
So You Think Its Hot
The Infamous Mouth Of The South
Donna DeLong Matthews

Ray Hamilton
Now Known As
{ The Great Canadian Buzzard }
Copyright 6 / 2009
All rights Reserved

Shake Your Booty

The whole series can be found
in the Bookshelf on my page at the Starlite Cafe
The Dueling Poets

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