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With My Heart...Why Must You Play KKD

With My Heart

I dont understand
This game you play
My heart is not a toy
With the words you say

You contacted me
To start anew
Why did you open that door
If you arent willing to walk thru

I thought you were serious
In what you said
I took it to my heart
That has now deeply bled

No contact have you made
Not even Hey how are you
Its normally up to me
Unless you have an issue

I know better than to think
That I can ask you why
I always say it wrong
Just before you fly

My words I dont
Pick and choose
They come from my heart
And yet I always lose

I wish so much
You meant what you say
I truly dont understand
With my heart....
Why Must You Play

ღ KKD ღ

Original By
Donna DeLong Matthews
The Gold Pen Ghost
All Rights Reserved
June 2018
Just another Reflection of My ღ

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ღ God asked me how long I planned on keeping you in my life.
I smiled and said...
How do I choose between always and forever...
But then I have found that's really not up to me... ღ

He Aint Heavy ~
The Hollies ~ Vladan Zivancevic

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