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 An Inch From My Hand Misc 10/10/2012
 Silent Thoughts The Pain of Love 10/8/2012
 What Might Have Been The Pain of Love 10/5/2012
 You Always Got Your Way Grieving and Loss 10/4/2012
 Politics As Usual Humorous Poems 10/2/2012
 Do I Love You True? I Love You 10/1/2012
 Seed Of An Oak Spiritual Poems 9/30/2012
 A Hobos' Lullaby Misc 9/30/2012
 Gentlemen Beware Life 9/29/2012
 The Wisdom Of Young Ladies The Pain of Love 9/29/2012
 A Spring Rain The Pain of Love 9/28/2012
 A Whiter Shade Of Pale The Pain of Love 9/26/2012
 A Dark And Angry Cloud Grieving and Loss 9/14/2012
 Sisters The Pain of Love 9/13/2012
 Little Sue Taylor Misc 9/12/2012
 Teddy Grieving and Loss 9/11/2012
 A World Where No One Goes The Pain of Love 9/10/2012
 A White-Tail Hawk Nature 9/9/2012
 Lyrics Full Of Lies Love Gone Bad 8/27/2012
 A Lesson Learned Insight 8/22/2012
 My Only Choice Was You Love 8/19/2012
 Things To Leave Behind Love 8/18/2012
 Holding Hands Grieving and Loss 6/6/2012
 Mirages Misc 6/4/2012
 Stands A Tall Pine The Pain of Love 6/3/2012
 What Of My Love? Love 6/3/2012
 He Was Quick To Smile Grieving and Loss 6/2/2012
 Libbys' Pink Dress Misc 6/2/2012
 Sweet Emma Lee The Pain of Love 6/2/2012
 A House Not Far Away Misc 6/2/2012
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An Inch From My Hand

There is a beautiful poem I have never read,
it seems to appear while dreaming in bed.
The verses will come when I fall asleep
whispering to me, as I slumber deep.

I have written this poem inside my mind,
but, pen to paper, the words are unkind.
On the tip of my tongue, they seem to live,
unaware of what they could give.

Stumbling ahead, each word seems so bland,
with a perfect poem, an inch from my hand.
When they finally come to me, flowing and true,
I will put them on paper just for you.

*For the challenge 'Writers Block' by

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